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No Man’s Sky Has ‘Gone Gold’

After having had its release date shuffled back to August, ambitious space adventure game No Man’s Sky  has finally gone gold.

As shared yesterday by Hello Games founder Sean Murray on Twitter, all adjustments to the game have now been made, meaning the intergalactic sandbox-survival title can be sent out to factories for mass production. “I’m so incredibly proud of this tiny team.” wrote Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, “4 years of emotions”.

For those eager to get into No Man’s Sky’s 18 quintillion universe, going gold also means that any further delays from now until August are unlikely. As the final release date for No Man’s Sky is August, it looks like we’ll be seeing what Hello Games have in store for us in just over two months from now.

No Man’s Sky uses mathematical algorithms to structure planets reliably and procedurally generate the world around players on their cosmonautical travels. The game’s various galaxies house a multitude of planets, each with their own climates, life forms and difficulty levels to explore. There’s approximately 18 quintillion of them, so it’s not a game you’ll be completing any time this millenium.

The game was originally intended to launch last month on June 21, but was pushed back to August to allow time for ‘extra polish.’ The game has rated high on the hype scale since its 2013 inception, however, so perhaps a little extra time in the works will serve the game’s expansive universe well.

No Man’s Sky releases on August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe and August 12 in the UK for PC and PlayStation 4.

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