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Square Enix Reveal New Spider-Man, Venom and Iron Man Action Figures

Publisher Square Enix has revealed the newest additions to their Play Arts Kai range of action figures. Coming later this year, the upcoming posables include new colour versions of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Venom, and will ship with interchangeable body parts and a selection of accessories.

The Spidey figure is based on the formidable symbiote suit sported by the arachnoid hero in the comics and Spider-Man 3. The figure comes with several interchangeable hands, as well as some web nets and strings to aid the vigilante’s efforts in friendly-neighbourhood maintenance. He also comes equipped with a clear stand for display purposes.

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The Venom figure also comes with switchable body parts, including an alternate head and a variety of limbs that can be snapped-on at will for an instant, kick-ass display. Perhaps most distinctively, however, is the character’s mad new design. Contrasting heavily with Venom’s traditional black and white, this figure variant flaunts a red and black paint job, striking a notable similarity to his symbiotic associate, Carnage. Oh, and his tongue is fully posable.

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Iron Man also joins the lot, in a wicked steely grey that stands out compared to his previous colour schemes. The posable hero ships with interchangeable missiles and roaring jet boots, as well as fixable repulsor blasts and air brakes that can be opened and closed.

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The figures are amongst the newest additions to Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai range, and are scheduled to release in October 2016 (via. Action Figure Fury). Whilst Spider-Man and Iron Man are priced at $119.99 (around £90), Venom can be picked up for $129.99 (approximately £97). All three figures will be limited edition, though, so if you’re already charmed by Venom’s posable tongue, you’re best off pre-ordering early. 

According to Action Figure Fury, you can pre-order the figures now at The Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth. 

Play Arts Kai recreates well-known video game, comic book and movie characters in highly-detailed, action figure form. The company’s other creations include Spartan Locke and Masterchief from the Halo series, and Gladiolus from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. You can check out Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line here.

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