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Let The Heel Out

This was written before Roman Reigns’ suspension was announced

Coming off the back of this past Sunday’s shocking cash in at the end of a excellent – if too long – WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose leaves Las Vegas as the new World champion.

To say myself and Andrew haven’t been fans of Dean Ambrose over this past year would be something of an understatement; we aren’t fans of his obvious offence or indie-in-the-worst-way ring attire. However, he is now in possession of the big belt, so where can WWE go from here?

Well here’s my assessment of the options.


Let’s start with Seth Rollins. His return has been played all wrong from the start; from airing the WWE24 special the night after his return, or the constant references to how he never lost the title. And then look at how he has been portrayed as the returning hero by the commentators, and obviously the crowds are huge fans of him, yet his given storyline was that he is still a heel and always will be. Well let’s change that and make him the babyface that everyone can get behind, let’s lose the black and grey ring attire and let’s go for the rather fetching white that he donned on occasions last year. He has the offence, the attire and the confidence and quality on the microphone to be your top face.

And then there’s Roman Reigns…

Oh Roman, what are you now? You told us you weren’t a good guy or a bad guy, but now you’re not even THE guy. The office seem happy to let you be the ultimate tweener, as Money in the Bank showed with the overly aggressive offence and pushing officials aside to get to Rollins. You, Roman, can continue to be the guy but you’ll have to make do with being one of three guys at this point.


Up next, the champ. It’s Dean Ambrose.

I’m struggling with where he fits into all of this, and as he’s the champion that’s a slight issue. Andrew and I privately predicted before last night’s show that Ambrose would win the briefcase, but hold off his cash-in until the build-up to SummerSlam and set up a triple threat with all the former Shield members. You know, because Dean is crazy.

For me, I can see Dean being a success as the champion, but in my view he’s going to have to go full-on Brian Pillman/Mankind crazy. Make him constantly going over-the-top aggressive and getting disqualified. Go one further and make him full-on heel – and not these cool heels we’ve seen in recent years,  I mean heel in the old sense of the word. Think Kane setting Jim Ross on fire and you’re on the same wavelength as me.

If they go this route then the feud between all three guys should work, and ultimately work out well for well two of the three guys involved. Sorry Roman, I think all hope on you is lost.

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