Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 Dramatically Outsells Expectations

DC Comics Rebirth event appears to have found it’s star with reports suggesting that Green Arrow: Rebirth, from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Otto Schmidt, has sold over 90,000 copies since its release last week.

If those reports turn out to be correct, the one-shot will be the highest-selling issue with Green Arrow at the helm in recent comic book history. Percy actually took to Twitter with the sales number replying to a tweet regarding the comic’s apparent sell-out status, indicating it could be a hit.

Looking back over recent Green Arrow revamps, the only issue to even come close to the 90,000 mark was Kevin Smith’s hugely successful and popular #1 from 2001, which sold more than 85,000.

Part of the Green Arrow’s recent success could be down to the long-running TV Show Arrow which features the character. While some have speculated that the shows popularity has been a factor, other fans have suggested that the less favourable latest series may be the reason that fans are turning to the comics, with one fan saying that thanks to this comic “fans can now get the Ollie they deserve”.

Whether or not the TV show has had an impact is anyone’s guess, but the popularity of Rebirth has certainly surprised many and excited others.

Percy and Schmidt’s Green Arrow run continues in the first issue of the new ongoing series, available from June 15.

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