Discover The Secrets Of The Lava With LEGO City Volcano Explorers

Looking for a new adventure? Then the new LEGO City Volcano Explorer range might be just what you’re looking for.

Take your team of explorers, scientists and miners on an adventure to uncover the rare gems hidden in the lava flows of the LEGO City volcano. Power drills and loading trucks are likely to be needed and you always have to be prepared in case of a sudden eruption!

The new range launches today with five new sets ranging from a starter pack up to a full volcano exploration base. Here’s what each set includes:

#60124 Volcano Exploration Base (RRP: £79.99)


Science rocks with the Volcano Exploration Base! Featuring a volcano with eruption function, scientists and explorers get to discover the secrets of the lava. Set up the mobile operations centre complete with lab, fly the drone to plan the expedition and then use the excavator and dumper to place the ‘lava’ boulders in the rack and break them open to find the crystal elements. The set comes complete with a team of minifigure scientists, adventurers and back-up crew.

#60123 Volcano Supply Helicopter (RRP: £39.99)


Take science and discovery to new heights with the Volcano Supply Helicopter. Finding more boulders means more crystal elements need to head to the lab. Unload the excavator and boulder opener tool and start breaking open those boulders! Pack the box with the newest crystal element and load it in the back of the helicopter. Spin the rotors and take to the skies one more time – all in the name of science. Includes volcanologist and pilot minifigures, plus exploration accessories and equipment.

#60122 Volcano Crawler (RRP: £24.99)


Exploring is hard work! Bring some heavy lifting power to break up the boulder and discover what’s inside. Drive the Volcano Crawler over the rough terrain and use the ATV to move the rocks into position. Use the jackhammer to crack open the boulder and find the hidden crystal element. Discovering cool things makes the hard work fun!

#60121 Volcano Exploration Truck (RRP: £14.99)


Head off road to the volcano site in the tough Exploration Truck! Move the boulder around then crack it open with the drill. Lift it onto the back of the truck and transport back to the lab for a scientific study.

#60120 Volcano Starter Set (RRP: £8.99)60120_Box1_in

Take first steps into the world of mountains and molten with the LEGO® City Volcano Starter Set. Featuring a volcano with eruption function, ATV, lava boulder, plus four minifigures and accessories including walkie-talkie, metal detector, camera, and pick-axe, the set has everything for the budding volcanologist.

All of these sets are available from today. For more information please visit

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