New Ghostbusters Playmobil Line Coming Next Year

Who You Gonna Call?

In partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, toy company Playmobil has recently announced that a new line of toys are currently in the works, based on the original Ghostbusters film.

The new sets will be the first licensed products to be made by the German toy manufacturer. Whilst no details surrounding the upcoming  range have surfaced as of yet, a brief teaser trailer was shared today, featuring a familiar, uniformed ghost-hunter, in addition to the Ghostbusters logo. The teaser is available to watch above.

The trailer also shared one other snippet of information, which was that the toys were expected to launch next year, with the Playmobil website confirming that the line will begin worldwide in “early summer.”

”We are thrilled to be collaborating with Sony Pictures to launch this new range of toys. The Ghostbusters sets will enrich our play system and enable an entirely new play experience,” said Playmobil Board Executive Silke Heinrich, “This licensed line of toys is an important milestone for our brand, which will make new and long-standing fans even more excited about PLAYMOBIL. It’s like building a bridge between kids and their parents, who both love the epic stories of their PLAYMOBIL and Ghostbusters heroes.”

Playmobil has been active for over 40 years, and is renowned for its production of distinguishable, 7.5cm figures. The company has produced close to 3 billion of them since its inception in 1974, and continues to distribute unique playsets of about 30 different themes.

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