Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion Revealed

According to a recent post on the PlayStation BlogDestiny  developer Bungie announced that the next expansion for the intergalactic multiplayer game is set to land this autumn.

Named Rise of Iron, the expansion adds an all-new storyline related to the vendor Lord Saladin, proffering a new explorable area, fresh foes to fight and new conundrums to solve; all concluding with an “epic Raid.” 

The expansion will also see the return of one of Destiny’s most iconic weapons. The Gjallahorn can be earned in the expansion, along with a range of other new weapons and armour. Gear will be rewarded to players as they “confront a new threat,” giving players the opportunity to give their Guardian a power boost. Those who pre-order the game will also have access to the Gjallahorn in black.

Destiny GjallahornDestiny Gjallahorn black

Bungie concluded the blog post by mentioning next week’s E3, where the developer will be “talking with our friends at PlayStation on their own stream.” 

Destiny released on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 back in 2014. Regular updates and expansions have been offered since, often revolving around special occasions like Christmas and Halloween. February’s Valentine’s Day update offered players the chance to partner up and earn some joint loot in a new Crimson Doubles Crucible mode.


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