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Unearth a World of Fragmented Time in Pluto

John is an engineer. He has a computer, a daughter and an estranged Aunt Mo, from whom he fortunately inherits a collection of rather odd artefacts. As time goes on, the power of the items begins to take hold, and slowly, the pair begin to find their sense of reality shifting; along with their treasured memories.

Pluto is an interactive story that plunges players into an ever-changing environment, fluctuating between different time zones that affect the game’s overall tone and storyline. Featuring evocative music by Chris Joseph, players will encounter new narrative clues as the game’s sense of time changes, as well as its effects on the main protagonist’s house.

“Pluto narratively toys with the concept of time, offering a series of windows into characters’ lives at different points in their personal histories” explains Pluto co-creator Andy Campbell, “Pluto also explores – through the central gameworld – that concept of other places existing where time no longer feels stable or linear. Through the game and browser-based story, we’re constructing a storyworld where perceptions are stretched beyond the ‘real’ as you think you know it.”

Pluto 2

Co-creator Mez Breeze continues that “Pluto evolved out of previous collaborations with Andy such as The Dead Tower, #PRISOM and #CARNIVAST, in conjunction with raw experimentation, short fiction, Mezangelle, and even artwork produced in the mid-1990s on the Commodore Amiga! Writing prose and developing the gameworld simultaneously has allowed one to affect the other, and snippets from each to interweave in fascinating ways. With Chris Joseph tinker-hammering-out the audio, and with the two year foundation laid for this to become a VR experience, we believe Pluto is a digitally born story that’s ready to be exposed.”

The game’s development blog also states that the story of Pluto will be implemented through multiple forms of media, in order to push the boundaries of our perceptual understandings. These will include an “app, a Virtual Reality/3D game and browser-based story”.

Pluto 3

Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell have been partnered since 2011, and have collaborated on such works as The Dead Tower, #CARNIVAST and  #PRISOM – an Augmented Reality game that takes places in a Glass City under constant surveillance.

Pluto is planned to release on PC and Mac later this yearwith a VR version set to follow in early 2017. For more information, you can check out Pluto’s official site here, or head over to the game’s development blog.


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