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Volition Studios Reveals Agents of Mayhem

Volition Studios, the developer behind the explosively zany Saints Row series, have recently unveiled their newest project, Agents of Mayhem. 

The trailer shows off a futuristic, dystopian setting riddled with robotic henchmen and interesting technology, as well as a formidable Doctor Babylon, who could potentially be the game’s antagonist.

As reported by IGN, the game revolves around three heroic agents who use their diverse special abilities to crush dastardly baddies, without exactly winning the title of World’s-Best-Hero either. IGN commented that Volition’s traditional open-world and modern designs return in Agents of Mayhem, featuring “characters with cool guns, gadgets and abilities to toy around with.” 

As flaunted in the trailer, these alleged ‘goodies’ include bolshy Sky Pirate Fortune, hook-shotting Hardtack and shruggish Bounty Hunter Hollywood, who just so happens to dabble in Reality TV Stardom. The game’s art style is decidedly toonish compared to Volition’s previous work, but with the trailer’s promise of whimsical humour and supercharged weapons, Agents of Mayhem should feel right at home with the madcap combat of the Saints Row series. 

The last game to be released by Volition Studios was Saints Row V: Gat Out of Hell in 2015. Last month, an “Agents of Mayhem” trademark was filed by Volition’s parent company, Koch Media, whilst the title also showed up on the resume of stunt actor Brandon Molale and animator John Velazquez. The developer also released an ISO file of cancelled PSP game Saints Row Undercover back in February.

Whilst this opening trailer for Agents of Mayhem certainly looks promising, with less than a week to go til the big E3-reveal, IGN states that “this is only the beginning”, and players can look forward to discovering more surrounding Volition’s wacky new creation over the coming month.

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