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Check Out These Stunning Overwatch LEGO Builds

Few titles of late have attracted quite the level of enthusiasm as the fast-paced antics of Blizzard’s vibrant MOBA-shooter, Overwatch. Indeed, the game seemed to have attracted a hefty fanbase before its official launch in May, along with a slew of impressive character art, cosplays and a series of animated shorts alluding to the intriguing backstories of Overwatch’s diverse cast. And thanks to some artists of brickery, the stylish multiplayer escapade has seen its fair share of LEGO renditions, too.

Tim Schwalfenberg (via. The Brothers Brick), offense hero Tracer now revels in elegant brick-form. Complete with her signature twin Pulse Pistols, the blocky Tracer figure is fully posable, and even sports her recognisably tousled hairdo. The cavalry’s never been gladder.

Overwatch Tracer LEGO

That’s not all, either. Dead Frog Inc. has birthed a similar LEGO creation for support hero, Zenyatta. The orb-wielding monk is also fully posable, boasting an equally professional look that’d convince anyone they’d sprung right out of an official set.

Overwatch Zenyatta LEGO

With Overwatch creations springing up left-right-and-center, it’s only more likely that we’ll be seeing more brick renditions of the game’s toonish heroes in the near future. Indeed, just last week, user Stormbringer created tank hero D.Va’s bright-pink mech in stellar LEGO form. You can see it here (via. The Brothers Brick).

Overwatch released on May 24 2016 for PC Windows, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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