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Nordic Games Considering a Destroy All Humans! Sequel?

In response to a recent tweet (via. NeoGAF), Nordic Games executive producer and product development director Reinhard Pollice has implied that a sequel for alien-invasion series, Destroy All Humans! might be under consideration.

In response to a question surrounding the possibility of a new game, Pollice stated that there were “a few options” the company was currently considering. Furthermore, the Nordic Games exec continued that he hoped “to get started on one of these soon”, which potentially suggests that we could be seeing the series’ gunslinging grey martian return in another bid to destroy the human race.

The first in the Destroy All Humans! series released back in 2005, developed by Pandemic Studios and published by THQ, before spawning three sequels. Whilst the series began on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox platforms, the third in the series, Big Willy Unleashed, was released exclusively for the Wii, after its PS2 version was cancelled. The fourth and most recent game in the series, 2008’s Path of the Furon, was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The IP was acquired by Nordic Games in 2008.

Nordic Games has expressed interest in bringing back the action-adventure series before. Last year the publisher mentioned via their official Twitter that they were “thinking about what to do next with it.” Though it seems a little early for a Destroy All Humans! follow-up to be unveiled at E3 next week, perhaps we can expect to hear more from Nordic Games in the not-too-distant future.

It is important to remember, however, that there has been no official announcement that a sequel is happening, and that this information is always subject to change till such an announcement is made.



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