Become a Criminal Kingpin in New GTA Online Expansion

Grand Theft Auto creator Rockstar Games has recently revealed a new trailer sharing some of the gameplay players can expect to find in the next expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online – Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.  

Suitably named, the expansion will build upon the ‘VIP experience’ of Grand Theft Auto Online’s previous update, Executives and Other Criminals. Players will now be able to expand their business endeavours, and “become the CEO of their own Criminal Enterprise.” 

The update offers the opportunity to buy sky-scraping offices and warehouses to “traffic illicit cargo and contraband.” According to Rockstar, the update will beone of GTA Online’s biggest and deepest updates yet.”

Grand Theft Auto Online Adventures

You’ll also be able to disrupt rival organisations in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, sabotaging cargo to ensure your own corporate ventures remain top-dog in the world of illegal enterprise. Players will also have a smorgasbord of flashy new vehicles at their disposal, including the sleek Pegassi Reaper. If the daily corporate grind ever becomes too much, however, you can even hire an executive assistant to help run the show behind the scenes.

In addition, Rockstar promises “all new gameplay,” with new VIP jobs, fresh challenges and “exciting new features.” The update is due to release next week on June 7 2016.

For more information, you can visit Rockstar Games’ official site here.


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