Leaked Skylanders Imaginators Reportedly Coming in October

According to a recent leak spotted on site darkSpyro (via. NeoGAF), a new installment in Skylanders – Activision’s toys-to-life series, will be releasing later this year. An image was posted on NeoGAF, showing what appears to be the upcoming game’s box or promotional art.

Skylanders Imaginators, according to the site, takes place after the antagonistic Lord Kaos has harnessed an ancient practice known as “Mind Magic,” in order to create an army of minions to take over the realm. The game’s premise can be seen below, as shared on darkSpyro.

The story of Skylanders Imaginators takes place long ago when the Ancients used a mysterious power known as “Mind Magic” to create everything in Skylands. With it, they conjured into existence anything that they could imagine! However, they soon learned that in the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous, and so they sealed it away so that it could never be misused. After discovering this ancient secret, Kaos has unleashed the power of “Mind Magic” into Skylands once again – and he is using it to create an unstoppable army of Doomlanders, the likes of which have never been seen! Now it’s up to Portal Masters to create Skylanders Imaginators from their own imagination and stop Kaos and his evil Doomlanders before it is too late. And to help train them, Eon is sending the greatest mystic warriors of all time – the Senseis!

Skylanders Imaginators, the site says, will feature “20 brand new Skylander Senseis” as well as “11 former villains” that are playable in the game. In addition to the usual element the Skylanders are associated with, the Senseis will also reportedly possess a Battle Class, such as “Knight, Sorcerer, Brawler, etc.” 

The leak names three of the known characters in Imaginators as “Master King Pen, Golden Queen and Tri Trip.” 

Skylanders Imaginators 1Skylanders Imaginators 2Skylanders Imaginators 3

If you’re wondering where the name came from, Skylanders Imaginators allegedly involves Creation Crystals, which allow players to create and store their own custom Skylander associated with the element of the Crystal. Said to be included in the Imaginators Starter Pack is a Fire Creation Crystal, with Crystals for other elements to be sold separately.

Also reportedly included in the game’s Starter Pack in the Water Sensei, Master King Pen and the Earth villain, Golden Queen, in addition to a new Portal of Power to teleport the figures into the game. According to darkSpyro, the portal resembles the Swap Force portal.

The site also states that a Dark Edition of the Imaginators Starter Pack will be available, though its contents aren’t currently known.

The first in the Skylanders series launched back in 2011 as Spyro’s Adventure, and have been released annually since. The latest game – Skylanders Superchargers – released last September, and was the first entry to introduce vehicles and racing.

Skylanders Imaginators will reportedly launch on October 14 2016 in Europe and October 16 in North America, whilst Australia will apparently receive it a little earlier on October 13. As for platforms, the game is rumoured to be releasing on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the Wii U, but not the 3DS.


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