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The Rollins Return

I know what you’re thinking. Seth Rollins returned at last night’s Extreme Rules, why are you writing an article about how Seth Rollins could return to WWE TV. Well, we now know how Seth returned and we have a pretty good idea what he will be doing now he’s back. But what I will look at below is what other options WWE had with Seth Rollins.

In other words, this article was written before Extreme Rules.

So how do WWE successfully book the return of Seth Rollins? How does WWE’s MVP of 2015 make a big a splash as possible upon his impending return to our screens?

Now let’s make no mistake about it, when he appears for the first time since his injury, he’s going to get a massive babyface pop. In the ring, he has an amazing high-flying offense and even heard “Eddie” chants when he pulled off the famed frog splash on John Cena last year. Now, if his knee isn’t going to hinder that offense too much, upon his return he can immediately be moved right into a story with Roman Reigns to regain the WWE World Heavyweight championship. A championship that, let’s not forget, he never actually lost.

Or maybe he doesn’t come back and target Roman. Maybe, instead, he returns as an ally. That’s right, a Shield reunion. Now I admit, this wouldn’t be an easy one to pull off right now, but Reigns could probably do with a few friends. Maybe Seth is annoyed at how the Authority dumped him when he got injured and is seeking revenge, and of course Roman has had more than his fair share of issues with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Now obviously the Authority isn’t currently part of Raw each week, but surely it’s only a matter of time before Hunter and Steph get back the power. Maybe, just maybe, the Hounds of Justice are the ones to stop them for good.


A feud with Triple H would be the easiest of all the possible angles to set up on Seth’s return. In the entire time that Seth was injured, Hunter mentioned him once, and that was the night after the injury. It would be very easy to play Seth off as the disgruntled former Authority member seeking revenge on The Game, and if this led to Rollins beating Hunter, with the Pedigree no less, in the main event of SummerSlam, this would be the perfect springboard back to the top.

Away from Triple H, and looking at other options on the roster, AJ Styles seems to have taken a heelish path in the last few weeks. With Seth potentially being positioned as the biggest face in the company upon his return, why not just give everyone what they really want and book the dream matches. Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles, or vs Sami Zayn, or vs Kevin Owens, certainly qualifies.

Or maybe they align Seth with someone new, that someone being Shane McMahon. This could lead to the match we’ve all wanted all along, although I urge you to stick with me on this one, as this takes some creative thinking. Seth with Shane makes sense; Seth has shown he likes to side with the guy in charge, and at this point that seems to be Shane. So far so good, though this is where you need to imagine. Triple H returns and is desperate for control again, so desperate in fact, that he puts everything that’s happened with Reigns in the past, and Roman goes full heel. That’s right, Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon vs Roman Reigns and Triple H.

That feud alone would be great, but let’s add some crazy and throw Dean Ambrose into the mix as well. And who would be crazy enough to back the mental horse in this race? One Vincent Kennedy McMahon, of course. Vince wants one more run as the one true owner of WWE, so he brings the Lunatic Fringe on board to help him rid Hunter and Shane from the equation. Ultimately, this brings us to Seth Rollins v Dean Ambrose v Roman Reigns, and if you want to hark back to WrestleMania 2000 (though we wish you wouldn’t), you can even go with ‘A McMahon in every corner’!

At the end of the day, the point of this article is that they have so many ways they use Seth Rollins on his return. Looking at it, from a totally optimistic point of view, it’s going to be pretty hard to mess this up.

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