Heartfelt Short Follows the Relationship Between Player One and Two

If there was ever a title in gaming that has summoned a groan of indignation, it’s ‘Player Two.’ The concept of coming second isn’t always a beloved one, and for those who grew up playing video games bestride older family or friends, the pangs of second-go may still bring a sour taste to the mouth.

But according to Zachary Antell, there’s an integral value in being Player Two. In a poignant animated short following two siblings, Antell shows the importance the prospect of being introduced to a realm of fresh possibilities by someone you trust can hold. The video was posted on Vimeo, and can be watched above.

Antell has expressed that the animation involved rotoscoping (via. The Verge) and paper scanning. The short was created contribution to a B.F.A in Film at Syracuse University in New York. A making-of video has also since been posted, detailing the process involved behind the short film’s creation. The behind the scenes video is available to watch here.


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