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Preview: Mech Wars

Mech Wars is the latest in a long line of new developments seeking the help of the public through the use of crowdfunding site IndieGoGo. The game, developed by Han Studios, is primarily a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) but unlike most other games in the genre, is set to include an extensive single-player campaign as well. As part of their bid to win the financial support they need, the developers have released a demo of the game to give us a taste of their vision.

Developer: Han Studios
Publisher: Han Studios
Previewed on: PC

Set in a world engulfed by a nuclear holocaust, the survivors of this apocalypse have been fighting for generations for the last resources on the planet. Now, new powerful and hulking machines called MECHs have been created and they could finally turn the tide of this endless war.

One of the big selling points for the game is the customisation options for your MECH and this is where the demo begins. While similar games give you a selection of prebuilt options to choose from, Mech Wars gives you a blank slate. While the demo doesn’t give you the full range of what’s to come, you are able to customize the MECH’s weapons with a good selection. You can arm the MECH with machine guns, energy weapons, and flamethrowers and along with these, each MECH can also be equipped with a heavy weapon, like a rocket launcher or artillery.


Once you have your weapon of choice, you also have three stats to set for your MECH; energy, torque, and CPU. Energy affects the power and regeneration and attack speed of the MECH, torque affects the movement speed, health points, and defense of the MECH and CPU affects the amount of power available for abilities, experience gain, and weapon accuracy. While building my MECH, I had to find a balance between my starting stats and damage output, as each piece of weaponry taxes one of three main stats.

While sadly, you can’t use the MECH you build in the demo, the idea of constantly changing gear on MECH is incredibly appealing, trying to find a combination that works best with your playstyle. Plus, this can make each multiplayer game feel unpredictable as each MECH can have a very different build. There are more enough options for building your MECH to create loads of unique combinations and the full game will no doubt add a great deal more to that.

On to the gameplay, and it looks ok for Alpha footage, graphically it is on par with similar games, but again, as this is an early demo we’re not expecting a polished product here. As I said earlier, you don’t take control of the MECH you build, instead you are given a pre-built MECH and told to check out an old mine. Your objective is to destroy a power node so that the defenses at your main base can power up. With the node destroyed, you must defend the base until the defenses are active, before launching an attack against the enemy base.


Once in-game, Mech Wars is exactly what you’d expect from any other MOBA when it comes to gameplay. Each player’s main base will produce units of creeps in the form of soldiers, light, and heavy tanks. Each MECH can use rapid firing machine guns, and energy weapons, as well as heavy hitting artillery. Along with this, each player has access to five different skills, which they can customize while building their MECH. These vary from letting you shoot nukes from your heavy weapons to dealing radiation damage to any enemy nearby. Once again, customisation is the key for players while building their MECH’s and the decisions made can have very different outcomes during battle.

In the end, I really enjoyed my time with Mech Wars. Despite the demo being short, it shows off enough of what to expect from the finished product to get excited. The MECH customization is incredible fun, offering a new level to the gameplay which can be quite thought-provoking when deciding which combination is best for you. In-game the combat is everything you’d expect from this type of game, expect you are piloting a hulking MECH.

I genuinely hope that Han Studios is able to meet their funding target and finish the game, it would be a shame to see Mech Wars and the great promise this demo shows to waste. I’m looking forward to seeing what the finished product can do.

If you would like to get more information on the game, download the demo for yourself, or pledge you support then please visit the IndieGoGo page or the Mech Wars Steam Greenlight page.

Official Site

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