Crayola Imaginables Turns Kids Drawings Into 16-inch Toys

Drawings are often the only outlet kids have to fulfil their creations of fancy. But alas, the tools of the tangible realm can restrict making those creations feel real, and for some, an arsenal of felt tip pens and blunted crayons just isn’t enough to match the comprehensive pictures in the child’s vivid noggin. It just so happens that crayon company Crayola wants to help bring these creations off the page, with a Crayola Imaginables, a brand new service that aims to turn the impassioned scribbles of children into precise plush toys.

Crayola Imaginables Purple

Crayola Imaginables (via. Toy News) will turn any child’s drawing into a 16-inch plush toy, as long as it’s feasible. Parents take a photo of their child’s creation and can either upload, email or text it to the Imaginables website, where it will be transformed by a team of professional toy designers into a vibrant, 16-inch plush. The process will take 4 weeks, according to the website.

The creation process employs over 30 Crayola colours in order to match the correct colour and shading of each child’s drawing.

Each toy comes at the standard price of $99 (that’s around £68), though the service will be reduced to $89 (around £61) for the first thirty days. If your child finds the toy isn’t up to scratch with their crayon-hued masterpiece, you can order a second attempt for another $40 (approximately £27). However, you won’t be able to try again after that.


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  1. I had the worst experience with Crayola Imaginables custom plush! They did a terrible job and the plush they produced had nothing to do with the image I sent them — not even close! It was supposed to be a bear cub and they they sent me looks like a mixture of a llama, a fox, and a dog. I was VERY disappointed with the service and paid a lot of money for that. When I contacted them, they insisted the image was an exact replica and refused to give me a refund. I do not recommend Crayola Imaginable to anyone. Save your money, you’ll be let down by this company!