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Monster Hunter Stories Featured

Monster Hunter Stories Hits Japan in October

Let the Hunt Begin – Chibi-style!

Capcom has recently announced that Monster Hunter spin-off RPG, Monster Hunter Stories will launch in Japan on October 8 (via. NeoGAF).

Also confirmed to be on the way are three new Amiibo figures for the Monster Hunter spin-off, according to Gematsu. The figures will give players access to special monsters in the game. Included are the One-Eyed Rathalos with female rider, One-Eyed Rathalos with a male rider and Nabiru. Both One-Eyed Rathalos types will sell for 1,800 yen each, whilst Nabiru will be priced at 1,200 yen. Capcom is also reportedly planning to release a second wave of Amiibo figures this winter.

Monster Hunter Stories AmiibosMonster Hunter Stories 2Monster Hunter Stories 3

The site also states that “limited quantities” of the game will include a Rathalos costume for Nabiru. Players who have Monster Hunter Generations (known as Monster Hunter X in Japan) saved on their 3DS will receive a Dinovaldo costume for Nabiru, as well as a one-handed sword for the game’s main character.

Whilst Stories is currently only planned for release in Japan, the newest entry in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series – Monster Hunter Generations – was confirmed for Western release during March’s Nintendo Direct.

Monster Hunter Stories is scheduled for release in Japan on October 8 2016 on the 3DS. The series spin-off sports a distinctively toonish art-style compared to the main Monster Hunter games, and follows a young Rider who embarks on a journey outside their home village to confront a “truth concerning an ancient legend.” You can watch the new trailer below (via. Gematsu).

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