New Overwatch Short Follows Soldier: 76

“Old habits die hard.”

Ahead of its official launch on Tuesday, the newest Overwatch short has just been released by Blizzard, this time centered around stoic Offense Hero, Soldier: 76.

Like the previous Overwatch shorts, the video follows one of the upcoming MOBA’s playable characters – Soldier: 76, who undertakes a mission in Dorado (one of the game’s maps) to investigate the neon-hued Los Muertos gang. However, the masked vigilante’s efforts are compromised

This is the fourth animated short surrounding Overwatch’s vibrantly toonish world. In the video’s description, Blizzard confirmed that this will be the “final short for this season.”  Whilst this suggests that more may come in future, those yearning for more Overwatch may just need to wait till launch day to sink their teeth into the full game’s fast-paced MOBA action.

Overwatch releases on May 24 for PC Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.You can check out the game’s official website here.

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