Run Your Gaff Your Way in Epic Tavern

Sometimes after a blustered raid or valiant dungeon crawl, there’s no greater relief than to kick back in the nearest tavern, to recollect the good times amidst dear comrades and the inviting pong of hops. But what of the Tavernmaster? That stoic face behind the counter, with those year-worn eyes and that head full of stories? Funnily enough, that’s exactly what new management sim Epic Tavern intends to uncover. 

Drawing elements from Dragon Age, The Sims and Deus Ex, Epic Tavern sees players take on the role and responsibilities of the Brewer themselves. As the Tavernmaster, players must build a legendary Tavern to attract rumoured warriors.

Players can customise and improve their tavern to attract Heroes of Beor. The medieval watering hole can be a cushy establishment rife with hauteur, a , or merely a humble place for heroes of the land to call home. However you shape your gaff, you’ll attract different types of clientele – from  each with their own personalities, secrets and skills.

As the wielder of drink itself, each decision you make will affect those of your heroic customers, and as such, the Brewer’s role is pivotal in building courageous alliances, and the brave, treacherous (or really quite foolhardy) quests those alliances embark on.

Epic Tavern opens its doors in Q1 2017, and will be available to play on PC Windows. Some footage of the game is available to watch above. For more information, you can visit the game’s official website, or follow it on Twitter.


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