Capcom Possibly Looking to Bring Back Old IPs

Capcom is parent to arguably some of the best-known franchises in the gaming industry. Since its arcade inception with Vulgus and 1942, the developer has spawned classics such as Street Fighter and esteemed Resident Evil, whilst also having produced other well-received titles such as Okami and Monster Hunter. Although Capcom have demonstrated their commitment to their Street Fighter IP (with Street Fighter V having launched earlier this year), the company could possibly be intending to bring back some of its older titles.

As reported by NeoGAF user TheSpoiler, in a section located in the Q&A section of Capcom’s Financial Results Briefing expressed that the company’s “vast library” of IP has “not yet been utilised to their full potential,” suggesting that the company is interested in resurrecting some of its previous names. Might we see a Okami, Dino Crisis, or even DuckTales rejuvenation?

A Capcom VR game isn’t off the cards, either, according to the report. After being asked how Capcom is handling VR devices, the developer responded that they “endeavor to develop games that provide enjoyment tailored to the unique aspects of each hardware platform”, and that they were “internally progressing with [their] research of this technology.” Whilst a VR title seems a little much to expect right now, seeing Monster Hunter’s towering behemoths and formidable beasts in 360 Virtual Reality certainly sounds intriguing.

One of Capcom’s newest games – Monster Hunter Generations – was confirmed in a recent press release (via. GameSpot) to be hitting the 3DS on July 15. According to the press release, the game will launch alongside a Monster Hunter 3DS XL.


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