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Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Reportedly Faster Than Titan X

During a recent event, Nvidia announced its hot-off-the-presses graphics card, the GTX 1080. Releasing later this month is priced from $600, and according to Jen-Hsun Huang’s jovial description, it offers “irresponsible amounts of performance” (via. GameSpot).

The GTX 1080 is based off of Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, which surpasses the previous Maxwell model present in the company’s 900 series. Nvidia claim that the Pascal is their most efficient architecture based on the 16nm finfet process, and that it is the first card to use 8GB of G5X video memory – the fastest GDDR memory out there.

Whilst the GeForce GTX 980 has a peak to peak power fluctuation between 209mV, the 1080 is much more consistent, proffering a range of only 120mV. Ultimately, the 1080 should offer users a much more stable experience.

According to Huang, the 1080 is faster that two GTX 980s in SLI, but as reported by DSOGaming, official charts show the 1080 to be 1.7x and 1.8x faster than the GTX 980, running The Witcher 3 and Tomb Raider respectively.

Huang also claimed that the 1080 is more powerful than the company’s GTX Titan, consuming much less power.

During the card’s reveal, Tim Sweeney was invited on stage to show how upcoming third-person MOBA Paragon ran, in real time, with the 1080. The GPU clock reportedly ran at 2.1 GHz, making it the fastest core clock amongst both air-cooled and water-cooled Nvidia GPUs.

The 1080 itself is air-cooled, which usually don’t run as fast as GPUs that are water-cooled. According to GameSpot, the memory clock during the demo ran at 5508 MHz, with a 2655 MB memory usage, whilst running at a mere 67 degrees Celsius. The game also ran at a constant 60fps.

The 1080 is also “crazy overclockable” in the words of Huang, and will have 8GB of video memory and a selling price of $599 (that’s £414.56). There is also a $699 (£483.79) “Founders Edition”, which will reportedly be even more overclockable. However, it may be worth noting that Huang did not go into what makes this version more overclockable.

The 1080 will release on May 27. Also unveiled at the event was the GTX 1070, which is allegedly also faster than the Titan X. Whereas the Titan sold for $1000 (£691.87), however, the 1070 will be available for a paltry $379 (£262.31 ) in comparison. A Founders Edition will exist for this card too, which will be priced at $449 (£310.65 ). The 1070 will feature 8GB of GDDR5 video memory, and launches on June 10.

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