The Pokémon Cookbook is Coming to Europe This December

If you’ve ever felt the burning desire to devour a pokémon’s irrefutably cute noggin, you might be pleased to hear that a new cookbook is in the works – and it’s got Pikachu’s face on it.

Viz Media is in the process of translating The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy and Fun Recipes, a cookbook comprised of recipes for dishes that resemble a range of different pokémon. The original book was released in Japan, but according to Polygon it will become available for $14.99 (that’s approximately £10.39) in Europe and North America on December 6 this year.

As for the pokémon you’ll be able to whip up for tea time, book creator Beth Kawasaki divulged some of the details in an interview with IV2 (via. Kotaku):

 “You can learn about Pikachu ramen and Poke Ball sushi rolls and Mashed Meowth Potatoes, and Psyduck omelettes. All of the recipes are made to look like the faces or the body of a character from Pokemon. It’s really fun, we’re very excited about it.”

This isn’t the first time the series’ pivotal Pocket Monster has been revised in food form. In 2014, a limited-time ‘Pikachu Café’ launched in Toyko, that offered burgers, rice and desserts all inspired by the peppy electric type (via. Kotaku).

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