Watch Uncharted 4’s New 16-Minute Preview Here

It’s not long now until May 10. With Uncharted 4 having recently gone gold, the completed game is being manufactured and readied for release. Ahead of this fan-anticipated date, Naughty Dog have just released new footage of the game, showcasing the game’s visual capacity and gameplay style – and the hype machine is whirring already.

The 16-minute preview spies the dauntless Nathan Drake, along with father figure Sully and newly introduced older brother Sam, exploring the territories, terrains and tombs of Madagascar – complete with the familiar sparring quips the sarcastic hero is known and loved for.

In an earlier statement, co-director Bruce Straley named Uncharted 4 as the “most visually stunning game ever created”. Uncharted 4 will play in 1080p at 30 frames per second, but having found a new home on the PS4 – Uncharted 4 appears already to possess much more detail than any other in the series. From falling summer leaves to a band of chirruping squirrels crossing the group’s path, it already seems that with the support of the PS4, Uncharted’s newest installment will feature much more depth than any of its predecessors.

Just under a month ago, an open beta was released to all PS4 users in order to ‘stress test’ the game’s multiplayer features. You can check out our preview of the beta here.

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