Telltale Games’ 7 Days to Die Coming To Consoles

Telltale Games, the people behind the point and click adventure games, The Walking Dead, The Wold Among Us, and Tales from the Borderlands, is set to publish 7 Days to Die on consoles.

Announced earlier today on their blog, Telltale say they will be porting the game 7 Days to Die to PS4 and Xbox One. The console version of the game will include a new multiplayer mode that will support split-screen co-op and additional online multiplayer modes. Other features will be revealed in the coming weeks.

7 Days to Die is an open-world survival game, a combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense and role-playing all in one game. The game was originally released back in December 2013 on Steam and has since sold over 1.5 million copies. The console version of the game will be released this June and will cost $30. Players who pre-order the console version will get access to 5 exclusive character skins from the Telltale The Walking Dead series, including Lee Everett and Michonne.

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