New $900 Street Fighter Statues Revealed

If, for some reason, its 1080p visuals aren’t enough to make your Street Fighter V experience real enough, these ultra-detailed statues from Pop Culture Shock Toys might just do the trick.

The figures stand 29 inches tall and are available for preorder from Pop Culture Toys’ website – but for a hefty price. Most of the figures range from $300 to $410, with three different Ryu figurines reaching $900 (via. GameSpot).

Ryu, Hot Ryu and Evil Ryu, however, are not currently available for preorder yet.

The Street Fighter range also covers characters such as Cammy, Necali, Ken and a classic Vega – a collection Street Fighter superfans are likely to get excited about.

Other available statues include characters from Mortal Kombat like Shao Kahn and Judge Dredd, as well as a selection of familiar faces from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Those are also within the $300-410 price range.

Each statue features a discount with up-front payments, with some discounted if you set up a payment plan. Deposits can alternatively be made if you don’t mind paying full price. GameSpot published a list detailing the figures and their prices and shipping dates.


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