Roman Reigns: How To Solve The Problem


Roman Reigns is seemingly one week away from holding the WWE World Heavyweight championship aloft at the close of the biggest show in wrestling history. And it’s safe to say that the confetti wont be the only thing filling the arena, although you are quite possibly going to hear maybe the loudest chorus of boos ever heard at a WrestleMania.

Never has one man been pushed down our throats as fans as much as Roman, and although people may state that the exact same thing happened with John Cena, let us not forget that Cena had already progressed through numerous gimmicks before he became the company man we know today. Reigns has portrayed the same basic – and I domean basic – character since his promotion to the main roster.

It was clear from day one of the Shield’s incredible run that Roman was the one being groomed by the higher-ups to lead us in to a new era. The fact that Seth Rollins, and you could even argue Dean Ambrose, have become stars is more of a happy coincidence than the original plan, in the eyes of Vince McMahon and WWE.

Ambrose is on his way to becoming 2016’s Daniel Bryan; he has the fan support, is also a darling of the internet sports entertainment community (TM Joey Styles), and had it not been for a disastrous injury in late summer 2015 Seth Rollins could now be, in my opinion, heading in to WrestleMania to defend, and likely drop, his WWE Title to the chosen one (no, not Drew McIntyre). 2015 was the year of Seth Rollins and upon his return in mid ’16 he is going to be a monster baby face, if handled correctly character-wise. I think we can all agree that the company is in desperate need of that right now.

This brings us to the Samoan Superman, the already-former 2 time WWE champion. If creative (or basically, Vince) decides to change the plan at the 11th hour and keep the title on Triple H, then Reigns will be finished as a legitimate challenge. There are only so many times you can lose on the big occasion before the masses refuse to accept you. While many believe he has already passed that mark, a loss at Mania will seal his fate.



A heel turn at this point seems to be the only way Roman Reigns can be rehabilitated in the eyes of the fans. The problem with this, however, is the genuine lack of any big babyface opponents for him, a lack of anyone for him to feud with to build what should be a big dominating heel persona, similar to that of Batista in his pomp.

My booking would be as as follows; Have him win the WWE World Heavyweight title from the default babyface Triple H at WrestleMania, in a brutal and bloody encounter, ideally one that leaves Hunter with a injury (kayfabe of course).  The next part of my ideal scenario sadly also plays into the Shane v Undertaker match inside the Hell in a Cell; if Roman helps Shane prevail in Texas, he becomes a heel by default. Then, with Shane taking over control of Raw and an injured Hunter out of the picture, a heel Roman doing Shane’s bidding could turn the heat that is already there to his favour by becoming Shane’s destroyer.

The chance to save the Roman Empire is still there but they have to strike quick. A heel monster Reigns coming out of WrestleMania destroying midcard faces until Seth Rollins returns is a good story line for the summer.

Here’s hoping.

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