Kickstarter Pocket Racing Aims to “Revolutionise” Toys

Remember those jumpy toy cars that dominated many a pocket-money Saturday? Those glossy plastic contraptions you pulled back in anticipation to hear them creak like football-ground noisemakers? Your aunt’s crippling dissatisfaction after one of them inevitably invaded her tea after veering uncontrollably beyond the boundaries of the coffee table? Thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign, indie toy company Ptah Tech aim to bring them back – with a decidedly more digital edge.

As reported by ToyNews, Pocket Racing, a new project now live on Kickstarter, has combined car collecting with gaming by allowing players to plaxe real toy cars on an iPad to complete various challenges, binding AR and technology with physical toys.

Cars placed on smart devices will encounter a variety of obstacles in the game, and will react in the real world by way by vibrating, lighting up or even ‘exploding’. Project creator Ptah Tech believes that this balance between real and digital worlds could ‘revolutionise’ the toy industry.

“With today’s technology advancements, toys are becoming smart and interactive, making this the right time to revolutionise the industry and pave a new future for traditional play.” Ptah Tech CEO Leo Ke told ToyNews.

With 27 days left till their Kickstarter campaign ends, Ptah have so far raised $2,359 (or £1,291) of their $50,000 (£27,355) goal. In addition to early access to the finished toys, pledge rewards include a set number of in-game coins depending on pledge tier, that can be spent on various upgrades and special skills for your AR-car.

For more information or to make a pledge, you can visit Pocket Racing’s Kickstarter page. Alternatively, you can visit the project’s official website here.

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