Has Nathan Fillion’s Role In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Been Revealed?

Cult sci-fi legend Nathan Fillion is set to join the Guardians of the Galaxy on-screen once more, having had a small and unrecognizable cameo in the first movie.

In the first movie released in 2014, Fillion voiced the big blue alien creature in the prison who has a little run in with Groot. According to ComicBook.com, recently leaked set photos show that Fillion could potentially have a much more substantial role to play in the sequel and MCU as a whole, playing Simon Williams a.k.a Wonder Man, an established comic book character. In the comics, Williams is a former Masters of Evil member and brother of the Grim Reaper who later reforms and eventually joins The Avengers.

The character later left the Avengers to become an actor but was drafted back in, eventually paying the ultimate price defending Earth. It seems that the Guardians sequel will pay homage to the characters acting days, with a theater in the movie running a Simon Williams Film Festival according to posters shown in the leaked photos.

Not only do these set photos tease Nathan Fillion as the once and future Wonder Man, they seem to confirm that some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will take place on Earth. What isn’t known is whether or not these are part of a Peter Quill flashback set in the 80s, or if this is present day. Some of the posters look dated in style, but as one of the movies Williams is supposedly in is a Tony Stark biopic, this hints that this is at least set sometime in the late 2000s.

Many fans are now speculating that these posters and this film festival are just a fun Easter egg and that we sadly won’t actually see Nathan Fillion suit up as Wonder Man. Nathan Fillion had a similar superhero cameo in director James Gunn’s comedy Super, where the Castle and Firefly star played TV superhero the Holy Avenger. Could Wonder Man be one of the 67 characters showing up in Infinity War?

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