Build Your Own Solution in Membrain

The puzzle is a polarised beast. Whilst enthralling and satisfying for some, they can just as often send us into the deep chasms of frustration. The answer might even be staring us right in the face, with all but pathway constraints standing between us, and that sweet sense of progression (via. Indie Game Mag).

It is this very instance that developer Mystic Penguin Games wants to address, however in new puzzle-platformer, Membrain. 

Players are permitted to build their own solutions to the puzzles they encounter. Distancing ravines can be crossed by entering the game’s level editing mode and placing down “launch nodes” or “blocks”. You’ll also be able to control craftable cubes to aid your puzzle endeavours, by collecting and managing resources in order to solve each level.

You play as PROTO, a humanoid being who has woken up in the strange realm of The Membrain. He is accompanied only by ANNI, a juvenile robot with a mischievous edge.

Membrain is currently on Steam Greenlight. Mystic Penguin intends to release the game in May for Windows PC. For more information on the game and its developer, you can follow Mystic Penguin Games on Twitter.

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