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Fallout 4 Update Includes New Survival Mode, Far Harbor Support

The newest Fallout 4 patch has arrived for PC, carrying with it a new Survival Mode, and added support for next month’s DLC, Far Harbor. A beta for the update is out now on Steam, with the final version coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the “coming weeks.”

The patch also contains various fixes for many bugs encountered in the game, including those relating to the recent Automatron and Wasteland Workshop add-ons. PS4 users will also now be able to delete add-on content within the game (via. Polygon).

The embellished Survival Mode is currently in beta, and contains numerous new rewards, whilst also placing further limitations on saving and threshold on the amount of items you can carry. You’ll also be considerably more vulnerable to exhaustion and disease in Survival Mode – something challenge-seekers may likely find engaging.

Whilst the beta doesn’t support official mods yet, Bethesda has said it intends to include them on PC “soon.” Mod support for console users will, however, arrive later on. The Creation Kit, permitting players to create and share their own mods within Fallout 4 remains in closed beta on Steam.

With Fallout 4’s next big expansion – Far Harbor – set to arrive in May, the new update will also optimise performance and add support for the DLC.



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