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Stephen’s Sausage Roll Called “The Dark Souls of Puzzle Games”

Armed with a fork made from the strongest of steel and a sausage from the most succulent of pigs, Stephen blissfully covers a grill-riddled island, in pursuit of pork-sizzling perfection. Not much is divulged on the official site of Stephen Lavelle’s newest puzzler, but it’s already received some plentifully positive feedback.

Sprung from the indie developer behind English Country Tune, Stephen’s Sausage Roll may sound like a barrel of laughs, but it’s currently being heavily praised for its charming, pixellated art style and inescapably tough puzzles.

Despite the title, however, Stephen’s puzzles revolve (quite literally) around the manoeuvring sausages, rather than pastry-wrapped savouries. Each puzzle is solved by rolling a collection of these marbled, porky cylinders onto grill tiles in the floor until they’ve been cooked to perfection. Despite being billed as a “simple, 3D puzzle game” by Lavelle, this is more a smirking allusion to the game’s increasing difficulty. Cooking sausages more than once or dropping them into the sea around you will result in a game over – and as timing your innumerable sausage spins over the grill is far from easy, it’s already been dubbed by a collection of players “the Dark Souls of puzzle games.” (via. Polygon)

And it’s not just players that have been praising Stephen, either. Several in the development community are impressed with Stephen’s Sausage Roll – with Bennett Foddy (QWOP) and Jonathan Blow (Braid, The Witness) already won over by Stephen’s sausage-oriented charm.

Stephen’s Sausage Roll is available now on Steam. The game’s official trailer is available to watch above.

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