Developer Overhauls Skyrim In 4GB Mod

Fans of The Elder Scrolls series may likely have a while to wait until The Elder Scrolls 6 is released, but thanks to a huge mod for one of the latest entries in the fantastical Bethesda series, Skyrim advocates might well find themselves returning to the domain of the Dragonborn to find some rather quite striking changes (via. Polygon).

After almost four years in development, Holds: The City Overhaul takes up 4GB, and boasts several all-new, smaller villages, with the interiors of many existing buildings completely reworked. The modder has even written a collection of new books, for those appreciative of world-lore, which can be found across the libraries of Falkreath, Solitude and Windhelm.

Galandil, Holds’ creator, does however advise players to start an entirely new game after installing the mod. This is to prevent bugs and crashes from happening by the game save trying to remember one location that has been changed or moved.

Holds has been in development since 2012, with the developer having worked on the project for at least two hours every day. Galandil began work for the mod shortly after Skyrim’s launch, after expecting a “better cities” modification to appear, as it has done for the previous game, Oblivion. When no such mod surfaced, however, he took to his computer to expand Skyrim himself (via. Polygon).

A preview of Holds in action can be seen in the video below.

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