WW2 Shooter Set To Take On Call of Duty and Battlefield

The Kickstarter campaign for World War 2-inspired shooter Battalion 1994 drew to a close this week, having accumulated £317,218 (approximately $451,000). Having hit its £100,000 goal in only a few days, the game’s total funding stacks up at over three times of what was originally expected (via. GameSpot).

Battalion is a multiplayer shooter founded upon the “core of classic shooters”, with aims to use “the most advanced industry technology”. After the campaign yielded over 10,000 backers, developer Bulkhead Interactive aims to “challenge some of the biggest AAA shooters in the industry.”

The extra funding will be cover enhanced particle effects, a ‘Curahee’ Boot Camp (a respectful nod to HBO’s Band of Brothers) and a D-Day Map. However, the company’s stretch goals for creating the British and Russian armies (upwards of £400,000) were not reached, “characters cost a lot to make.” said executive producer Joe Brammer in a statement, “We aren’t cutting corners on this game AT ALL.”

He continued, “If we want to join the ranks alongside Activision and DICE we need to build quality like they do, this costs money. For us to design entire character sets, all the customisations that go with it, custom faces, weapons, voice overs, implementing them into the game, maps, environments, and in some cases game modes, that all costs money.”

Brammer revealed that the company are currently speaking with “some very big publishers”, though, suggesting a possible publishing deal that will make it possible for both British and Russian militaries to make their way into the game.

“we aren’t at liberty to say who, we can say they’re loved by their communities and they understand how important it is to a team and a community like ours to retain 100% creative control over a game like Battalion 1944. They have no intentions and nor do we have ANY intentions of just giving up the design and creativity behind the Battalion franchise. The game will always 100% remain ours, built together with the community.”

The game is expected to launch in May 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more information, you can follow the game on Twitter, or watch some early gameplay footage above. Alternatively, you can check out some screenshots of the game.

(source: GameSpot)


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