New DLC For Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide ‘Nearing Release’

As a Warhammer fan, I honestly can’t think of anything more satisfying than killing giant Ratmen.

Vermintide is probably the only game out there that lets you do that on a mass scale, but the developers have decided to take that concept one step further with a new DLC for the game, The Last Stand. Essentially, the Last Stand is exactly what it sounds like, a survival mode whereby you and your friends have to fight waves upon waves of Skaven endlessly until you die. Sounds fun, right?

Well, The Last Stand release might be coming sooner than you think, following Fatshark’s recent announcement on Steam suggesting that a release is imminent. Despite their original goal for release being the end of February, the post makes it clear that “a brand new game mode: Last Stand, is nearing release!”.

Fatshark haven’t confirmed the exact date of release, but those of you itching to play can opt into the Beta on Steam to experience some top-notch rat slaying. Your level and your personal array of deadly weaponry carries over into the Beta, but in order to keep things fair they will be wiping the slate clean once the DLC releases fully.

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