Naughty Dog On Uncharted 4 Voice Acting Changes

Following the open beta test of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer last weekend, Harry Flynn – who first appeared in Among Thieves – was voiced by a different actor this time round, and original talent Steve Valentine isn’t exactly delighted.

Dualshockers found that the original voice behind the treacherous treasure hunter has posted about the matter a lot of late, stating he’d never been approached, and voiced his feelings about the current relationships between voice actors and game developers/publishers. His tweets can be seen below.



Community strategist Arne Meyer responded on behalf of Naughty Dog in a post on the PlayStation forums, saying that Naughty Dog did contact Valentine, but ultimately a deal could not be made for him to reprise his role as Flynn.

“Looking into it, we *did* contact the original voice actors for the characters when we were looking to cast and record voiceover for the multiplayer characters in order to have them reprise his roles – this included Harry Flynn. This was our priority and we proceeded to try to do that across the board. I can’t speak to why anyone would feel otherwise. In this case, we made the best effort to make it work, but ultimately we couldn’t strike a deal that both sides were satisfied with. Sometimes that happens in this industry, among many others.”

He continued:

“We did our part to make it work and it didn’t work out when it should have –when we were casting the roles and negotiating agreements. Unfortunately, the opportunity had long passed us by, even back in December, and we won’t be re-recording any multiplayer voices.”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was originally scheduled to release back in 2015. The game was later delayed till March 2016, and then to April 2016. The game’s current release date is set for May 10 2016.

The game’s multiplayer beta aimed to ‘stress-test’ the game’s servers, and concluded on Sunday. You can check out our preview of the beta here.

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