The Geek Show 81: Jay & Barry’s Excellent Adventure

This episode covers storylines from The Flash up to and including Season 2 Episode 15. If you are following the show at UK pace then we highly recommend that you avoid this episode until after those episodes have aired.

Our heroes have returned for a special on what is arguably one of the biggest superhero TV success stories ever, The Flash. With the second season now well on its way to another epic finale, The Geek Show takes a look back over the speedsters second year so far. So suit up, throw on those running shoes and join Andrew and Mike on their epic journey to Earth 2. Topics and tangents include:

  • Blackholes, new Earths and doppelgangers
  • Multi-Flash (Not a super kitchen cleaner), the introduction of Jay Garrick and Wally West
  • Cross-overs and Legends set-ups which slowed down the speedster
  • Gorilla Grodd vs the Planet Of The Apes
  • And much more….



The Geek Show, established in 2013 and brought to you by The Palace Of Wisdom, is hosted by Andrew and Mike. Thank you for listening and we hope you’ve enjoyed this episode.

For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest from the show.

Theme Tune Intro ‘LAG’ created by Los-Illuminados and Outro ‘Bossk Rules the World’ created by Less Than 3.

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