New PS4 Rumoured to Have 4K Blu Ray Player and ‘Twice as Powerful’ CPU

According to one user on NeoGAF, Sony’s plans for a more powerful Playstation 4 include a much more powerful CPU, as well as VR support and 4K graphics.

The information was posted by a user who claimed to have attended a recent meeting concerning the rumoured console. Whilst the meeting was held presumably between Sony representatives, no names were included in the post.

The popularly dubbed ‘PS4K’ was stated to possess a CPU twice as powerful than Sony’s current console, and much faster, despite the system apparently being “much smaller than the original.”

Development kits for the PS4K were said to be in the possession of some developers, and that games are already being made that will “directly target and take advantage of the higher specs of the PS4K.” It was further explained that these games will work for the current PS4, but with significant strain on overall performance.

Current games, however, would not be upgraded by being played on the system and any changes to older games would be made “via patch per game and per developer”, the post said. When asked if this was likely to happen, representatives apparently clarified, “It is a possibility but doubtful with the exception of a handful of games.”

Other mentions of the system included that it will feature a 4k Blu Ray player, and “will upscale games that are not natively 4k.”

No details have been officially confirmed by Sony yet, but with the console’s reveal reportedly intended to happen before the Playstation VR’s October launch, it’s possible the new console will see its official announcement at E3 in June. The price of the new PS4, the user stated, is “currently $399.99” although this could rise with CPU adjustments. It was apparently guaranteed, however, that the price “will be no higher than $499.99.”

According to the NeoGAF user, the games that will be available at launch and take advantage of the new console’s specs include:

For the Playstation VR

  • Eve Valkyrie
  • Robinson
  • GT Sport

For the PS4K: 

  • Deep Down 
  • ‘GOW4’

It was mentioned that ‘GOW4’ was given only as an abbreviation, this was taken to refer to God of War 4, whilst it’s been over a year since Capcom’s last official statement surrounding their elusive RPG title Deep Down. 

In an interview with GameSpot last year, Consumer Games manager Teruki Miyashita  mentioned that Capcom intends to offer a “realer than real” experience, incorporating “more incredible graphics than ever before”. Considering the focus on stunning visuals and biting atmosphere, it makes sense that Capcom would want to wait for the arrival of the PS4K for the alleged free to play game to make its debut.

Rumours have been circulating around Santa Monica’s God of War Remastered, and according to Crossmap, Sony’s inclusion of the God of War logo four times during the trailer for the the third game’s PS4 remaster has been taken as a hint that the developer is currently working on a fourth installment, which will possibly see Ghost of Sparta Kratos take on such Norse Gods as Odin, Thor and Loki. An official announcement has not yet been given, however.

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