Nintendo Theme Park Deal Revealed

With recent announcement of SNES classics coming to the New 3DS Virtual Console, along with reveals for Star Fox Zero, Mario Maker and Monster Hunter to name a few, Nintendo’s had a busy week. Now, more information has surfaced surrounding the company’s partnership with Universal Parks – 40 billion yen (that’s $351 billion or £246 million) is being invested in a project to do with the Japan park in particular.

According to a Sankei news report, which was translated by Kotaku, the deal will be complete in the coming week.

It was said that the Nintendo-themed Universal park deal resembles the size and scope of the deal struck for the Harry Potter series’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Nintendo Park1

The Nintendo area is planned to be rather expansive, as is marked in red on the diagram.

An official name for the park has yet to be announced, but some have affectionately named it “Mario World” for now. According to GameSpot, Nintendo claims the attraction will be “major”, and will include appearances from the company’s “most famous characters and games” and create, “spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo’s wildly popular games, characters, and worlds.”

Universal Studios are planning to have the Nintendo theme park finished by 2020, with the partnership aiming to expand Nintendo’s franchises, as younger generations are beginning to associate the influential characters less and less with the games they hail from.

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