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No Mans Sky Aliens

No Man’s Sky Secures Release Date, Limited Editions Confirmed

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s the news fans have been waiting to hear. Hello Games’ ambitious space exploration game No Man’s Sky has finally got a release date, it was announced on the Playstation Blog by head developer, Sean Murray.

The game will reach PS4 and PC owners on June 21 (June 24 in the UK), with pre-orders now open. The PS4 version will even be available as a tangible Blu-Ray. The game will cost $60 (£40 for PC and £50 for PS4) (source: PC Gamer).

A limited edition of the game has also been confirmed, featuring a comic book detailing some No Man’s Sky lore. Also included will be an art book, a Steelbook embellished with the symbolic Atlas and a dynamic theme designed by 3D visual artist Mr. Div.

If comic books aren’t your thing, however, a Collector’s Edition will be launching alongside the game. No Mans Sky: Explorer’s Edition will comprise a hand-painted replica of the game’s spaceship, a digital PC copy of the game, a pin and a “mystery item” that won’t be revealed until launch.

No Mans Sky Limited
No Mans Sky Explorer

No Man’s Sky is highlighted amongst the most anticipated games of 2016. Using mathematical algorithms to generate several quintillion visitable planets, the game proffers an astronomical amount of potential – perhaps outlining some of the reasoning behind its $60 price tag. In an interview with GameSpot, head developer Sean Murray called No Man’s Sky a ‘perfect fit’ for virtual reality.

“I think that No Man’s Sky, which is this infinite computer generated universe, and PlayStation VR, which is a headset that you put on and enter a VR space is like, it’s like you’ve asked me when I was five what the future would look like. But that’s as far as I can comment.”

Sean Murray has also expressed a desire to produce additional content post-launch for free in order to support the game,

No Man’s Sky will launch as a complete game in June, but there’s a lot we’d like to add post-launch, if we can.” 

With the possibility of free DLC on the horizon, there may be even more to explore in No Man’s Sky, than initially meets the eye.




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