Make Words Your Bond in Epistory

Having made a page-turning impression during its time on Early Access last year, Mons-based developer Fishing Cactus has launched its keyboard-charged adventure Epistory – Typing Chronicles in full on Steam.

Epistory overlooks the perilous adventures of a fox-riding storyteller, and allows players to embark on a mysterious journey to uncover the underlying darkness infecting a fallen world. Implementing a top-down format and papercraft art style, the narrative of Epistory quite literally ‘unfolds’ with each curious step into its origami-fused realms.

Epistory’s discernible control scheme relies solely on the keyboard. Players will solve bamboozling puzzles, defeat garrulous opponents and unleash magical abilities using the power of their typing digits. In addition to supporting the QWERTY keyboard layout, Epistory ensures QWERTZ, AZERTY, BEPO, Dvorak, Workman and Colemak layouts aren’t left out.

In Story Mode, players uncovers the enigmatic tales told through Epistory’s heroine and her vulpine companion, solving puzzles, taking on enemies and exploring ominous, yet atmospheric dungeons. Competitive challenge-seekers can additionally fight it out on the leaderboards, facing endless hordes of garrulous enemies in  the game’s Arena Mode.

Epistory is available in full now on Steam for $14.99 (or £10.99). For more information on Fishing Cactus, you can check out their official website here, or follow the game on Twitter.

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