’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Opens Encouragingly, But ‘Zootopia’ Outshines

Not much was known about Dan Trachtenberg’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, but the jaws of the elusively-advertised thriller seem to be opening up well regardless. The proclaimed spiritual successor to 2008 hit Cloverfield debuted with an encouraging $25.2 million – better than was anticipated for the Star Wars initiate

Dan Trachtenberg’s directorial debut, and made for just about $13 million, wasn’t much advertised until an ominous Super Bowl spot. Paramount Pictures marketing head Megan Colligan said the mysterious campaign was enough to stoke curiosity for a film that otherwise promised audiences very little (via. The Big Story).

From a marketing level, it’s a challenge when a movie takes place in a relatively enclosed space and you’re promising but not showing a bigger final act,” Colligan said. “But I think part of the excitement and mystery around the ‘Cloverfield’ name led to the promise that something exciting was going to happen, and the trust in J.J. as a brand that he delivers.”

The director is known for web series Ctrl-Alt-Chickenand previously created a number of shorts, including Portal-based short film Portal: No Escape. 

Disney roared loudest, however, with animated romp Zootopia ending its second week on $50 million; a mere third of the takings from its opening weekend.


With Deadpool, London Has Fallen and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot dominating the adult scene, there’s been a distinct lack of family-friendly cuisine, and Zootopia has had parents, children and dear old Aunt Maude evidently clamoring for a ticket. The film’s endurance is expected to stretch until mid-April, furthermore, as its critter-run Metropolis won’t have much to compete with til Jon Favreau’s live action rendition of The Jungle Book – also produced by Disney.

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