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WWE Fastlane 2016 Predictions

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With WWE Fastlane taking place tomorrow night, myself and Andrew have put our predicting hats on and here is our take on the outcome.
Kalisto (c) v Alberto Del Rio –  2 out of 3 falls match for the WWE United States Championship

I think it’s safe to assume that when Del Rio agreed to return to WWE, he didn’t envisage himself on a pre-show match the PPV before WrestleMania. But this is WWE and its trading wins culture these days, meaning that this feud, seemingly, won’t ever end.


Ross – Alberto Del Rio

Andrew – Kalisto
The Wyatt Family v Kane, Big Show & Ryback

I have christened this match the ‘Mountain of Meat’ match. It’s obvious to anyone that has seen any of the previous two Roads to WrestleMania that the Wyatt Family need to look strong in the weeks leading up to the big show (no pun intended), just for Bray to take a clean pin fall loss at WrestleMania itself. Only one outcome in this one, folks


Ross – The Wyatt Family

Andrew – The Wyatt Family
Charlotte (c) with Ric Flair v Brie Bella – Divas Championship 

Personally I’m not a fan of the way Charlotte has been handled on the main roster, and her association with daddy Ric just isn’t working, so here’s what I propose and bear with me here; It’s a fairly safe bet that Brie will be retiring very soon to start a family with Daniel Bryan (sob), so why not kill two birds with one stone here, have Brie win the title and then on Raw the next night, retire the frankly god awful Divas title and bring back the Womens Title belt for Sasha, Becky and Charlotte to fight over at WrestleMania.


Ross – Brie Bella

Andrew – Charlotte
Kevin Owens (c) v Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens is winning this match. I’m honestly not sure what else needs to be said, it’s the second most obvious match outcome on the card


Ross – Kevin Owens

Andrew – Kevin Owens
Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks v Naomi & Tamina

The interesting dynamic being played out on TV of Sasha wanting to get one over on her former teammates, whilst at the same time not being friends with Becky intrigues me. I’m sensing a good match between these four ladies, providing Tamina doesn’t get too much ring time.


Ross – Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

Andrew – Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks
AJ Styles v Chris Jericho 

The rubber match for these two, which I believe will see AJ winning after a stellar match and being hotshotted into a feud with Kevin Owens over the Intercontinental title, and should culminate in a match of the night candidate at WrestleMania 32. These two have put on some excellent TV matches this past month, and I’m looking forward to this match most on the whole card.


Ross – AJ Styles

Andrew – AJ Styles
Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns v Dean Ambrose – Number 1 contenders match

Now here’s how to finish a modern WWE PPV  Special Event, with the most predictable finish you could imagine.

Or is it….

Ambrose dropping the Intercontinental title last week throws something of a tiny spanner in the works for this writer. Could they have Ambrose wining this match? Well they could, but they won’t. However, there could be a situation where Ambrose and Reigns both cover Lesnar – who, let’s not forget, hasn’t been pinned since Triple H put himself over 2 years ago. It’s believable that two men, after interference from the Wyatt Family, could pin the monster Lesnar and for the third in a row make the main event of WrestleMania a triple threat match.

Or they could just have Reigns pinning Dean after Brock is taken out by the Wyatts.

Yeah they’ll probably do that.


Ross – Roman Reigns

Andrew – Roman Reigns


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