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The Predator and Alien: Covenant Release Dates Announced

20th Century Fox has revealed the release dates for its upcoming sci-fi monster films;  Alien: Covenant will be released August 4th of 2017, while The Predator hits theaters March 2nd of 2018.

Alien: Covenant is set ten years after Prometheus and sees crew members of the ship, Covenant, accidentally stumble on a ‘paradise’ world while searching for a distant planet.  The ‘paradise’ planet is run by David (Michael Fassbender), the sole survivor of the original Prometheus expedition.  Director Ridley Scott has added a fantastic ensemble cast, Noomi Rapace has been replaced by Katherine Waterson, and Danny McBride, Damien Birchir, and Billy Crudup are all in the film.

Information on The Predator is a little more sparse, with only a vague quote from producer saying that it will ‘reinvent the franchise’ along with a poster, not much else is known.  Although, based on the poster, the Predator will wear his signature armor once again.


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