New Daredevil Trailer Brings in Elektra

A new action-packed trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil was released today and showcased Matt’s dangerous old flame, Elektra.

Like how the first trailer focused almost exclusively on The Punisher, this trailer focused on Elektra and her connection to Daredevil.  Elodie Yung looks fantastic as Elektra Natchios.  She’s equally adept as both a seductress and assassin.  Both are on display as she convinces Matt to help her take on the Yakuza, who have been hibernating while Matt took out the various other criminals in Hell’s Kitchen.  I was surprised to see them working together, I had thought she would be another villain.  Maybe that will develop as the season progresses.

Other than Elektra, the trailer hit on the same themes as the previous one.  Daredevil’s vigilantism damages his relationship with those closest to him, particularly Foggy.  The trailer shows Matt walking out on Foggy.  I sincerely hope the show finds a way to make Foggy more likable; he was whiny and annoying in the first season.  The trailer also showed Matt’s former teacher, Stick, as he explained the looming Yakuza threat.

The new season debuts on March 18th on Netflix and the first season is streaming now.  If you haven’t watched Daredevil yet, go watch it now!


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