The FBI Combat Extremism with Video Games?

The FBI have launched a new website named Don’t Be a Puppet, which aims to educate teenagers about violent extremism and how to avoid it. Forming part of the interactive site is a peculiar little game by the name of The Slippery Slope to Violent Extremism – starring a blocky bighorn sheep that players must control to avoid obstacles and cross finish lines (via. Kotaku).

Aimed at teens, the game encourages players to “follow the distorted logic of blame that can lead a person to violent extremism” and rewards players with examples of distorted logic upon further progression.

Despite the site’s wholesome intentions, the game itself hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms. Gizmodo described the game as an “awful, out-of-touch 90’s educational game,” and slack controls have been named as one of the pitfalls of the ovine escapade.

The official description of Don’t Be a Puppet reads:

“The site doesn’t refute violent extremist beliefs point by point or discuss matters of faith or politics. Instead, it makes teens aware of the destructive reality of various forms of violent extremism, including hateful attacks based on race, religion, or other factors. Through its Don’t Be a Puppet theme, the program encourages teens to think for themselves and display a healthy skepticism if they come across anyone who appears to be advocating extremist violence.”

The odd, educational minigame can be found here, or under the ‘Blame’ section of the Don’t Be a Puppet website.

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