Gamer Beats Dark Souls Without Getting Hit

Dark Souls is a series that is well known because of its extremely hard difficulty. Well, yesterday someone was able to show how easy the game can be as they were able to beat the original game without taking a single hit.

Twitch streamer, The_Happy_Hobbit, accomplished this feat yesterday during an eight-hour long stream of the game. This is the first recorded attempt of completing the game without taking any damage.

While this is the first time Dark Souls has been beaten without taking a hit, gamers have already beaten the game in interesting ways. Two years ago, Benjamin Gwin was able to beat the original game in 11 hours while using a Rock Band controller, as well as the twitch community during Twitch plays Dark Souls.

The_Happy_Hobbit is currently planning to do a follow-up stream where he will attempt to complete the game again without getting hit.

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