Namco Offered Fans $10,000 to Explain Dark Souls’ Story

Seasoned dedicates to Dark Souls’ brutal world may have garnered more soul than a Ray Charles convention, but with the release of a third installment on the horizon, Namco offered a hearty sum in real-world currency to those willing to undertake a challenge of wits. And ’twas a challenge worthy of From Software’s harsh wilderness.

The contest, called My Dark Souls Story, tasked fans with explaining the game’s notoriously ambiguous plot, to be in with a chance to win $10,000. Known for its emphasis on gameplay and difficulty, the elusive narrative underlying Dark Souls has always been a heavily cloaked enigma.

The contest (via. Gamerant) stopped accepting submissions on February 9, and asked fans to submit videos of their attempts to explain Dark Souls’ confusing plot. Response was fanatical, with the contest accumulating thousands of passionate replies ranging from comical mockumentary-style shorts to straight-laced cinematic pieces. Whilst Namco offered applicants assets to use in their videos, much of the fan response was original, leading to a lot of content to stand out amongst the deluge.

A winner has yet to be announced, but following the closure of submissions, Namco have promised a verdict will arrive before release of the eagerly awaited Dark Souls 3. An opening cinematic for the third installment was recently released, with announcements of new classes and abilities making the wait as cruel as any of the series’ hulking beasts. The game releases on April 12, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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