Crusader Kings 2: Conclave Released Today

Good news for those of you who’ve ever had dreams of becoming royalty. Paradox Interactive have released the Conclave content pack for Crusader Kings 2 – the only game where Genghis Khan can become King of England while a Viking Pope rules in the Vatican.

With the Conclave pack your vassals are now able to form a council which governs how you rule your kingdom. Prepare for the game to get even more cutthroat as the fate of your kingdom rests in the hands of your temperamental vassals, some of which may or may not be possessed and/or insane. Along with that, the content pack also contains some minor but much appreciated additions to the game:

• Corners of the Earth Building Pack
• Finno-Ugric Portrait Pack
• Indian Boats Unit Pack and Arabic Boats Unit Pack
• Mongol/Steppe Male and Female Councilor Model Pack and Western/Christian Female Councilor Model Pack (15 new models in total)
• New Event Pictures and one new loading screen

The Conclave costs £3.99 and is available on Steam right now. Better get on your spymaster’s good side, because you’ll only have yourself to blame if you get thrown off your palace balcony.

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