Ark: Survival Evolved Brings Split-Screen and Newfangled Dinos to Xbox One

Now up to date with the PC version, Ark: Survival Evolved’s new update for the Xbox One brings multiplayer split-screen, new dinosaurs and more to its prehistoric wilderness.

Developer Wildcard announced during a press release that split-screen is now available online or offline on non-dedicated servers, and is a timed exclusive to the Xbox One. If walking amidst your paleolithic habit is getting you down, you’ll also now be able to hop aback the new Gallimimus, with up to two friends if you’re so inclined. The Dimetrodon’s sail also provides shelter from cruel fluctuations in temperature.

The new beer barrels permit the brew of various, stat-enhancing intoxicants, but after their effects wear off, you’ll be laden with ‘hangover’ effects, so handling your limits seems of importance. New weapons like Electric Prods are now available, and there’s even room for SWAT-style armor in ARK’s newly updated jungles.

Recently, Studio Wildcard were interviewed by Gamespot about ARK’s performance on the Playstation 4, and the company’s reasoning behind using split-screen.

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